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Pumpkins Helping People's (PHP's) mission is to fight hunger by providing consumers a convenient way to turn their annual fall pumpkin purchase into an opportunity to help fight hunger at a local level. 

PHP was founded in 2017 by Gabriella Howard, Alexandrea Howard, and Samuel Howard. PHP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that donates ALL of its profit to the Canal Winchester Food Pantry and Bloom Carroll Pantry Mission.  We volunteer our time so that even more of your contribution goes to help the food pantry. 

Our first donation to the food pantry in 2017 was $669. We have grown our donations every year since to $5,710 in 2023. To date, your support has helped us raise over $24,000 to feed your neighbors.  


We thank our customers and our key sponsors over the years - TS Tech, South Central Power, Buckeye Power Sales, and United McGill - for helping us make this a reality. We hope to make an even bigger difference in our community next year!

Please help us fight hunger - one pumpkin at a time. Purchase our pumpkins & spread the word!

Testimonial from Canal Winchester's Mayor

"With prices of everyday essentials including food being at all time high prices, more people are relying on the Canal Winchester Food Pantry to help feed their families. With this, the Food Pantry is in-need of more food items and money to help keep their shelves stocked. Some of that help is coming from three Canal Winchester siblings, Gabriella, Alexandrea and Samuel Howard. 


Since 2017, when they were only 15, 13 and 11 respectfully, the Howard siblings have been selling pumpkins with the proceeds going to the Canal Winchester Food Pantry. They formed their own 501c3 in 2017 and volunteer all of their time.  Through 2021 they have raised over $12,800, all of which has been donated to the CW Food Pantry and last year they added the Shalom UM Pantry in Carroll.


If you have never ordered pumpkins from them I ask that you give them a try. I’ve ordered and received pumpkins from them, and I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality and the care they put into their pumpkins before I received them.  For $10 or $15, depending on size, it’s a great deal!

I must say I have been very impressed with all three of them, starting their own business, filing for 501(c)3 nonprofit status and delivering a great product, all done to help fight hunger within the community. They really do have a fantastic business and a great future ahead of them. I congratulate and thank them for all they are doing." 

Mike Ebert, Canal Winchester Mayor

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